Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sale me into the New Year!!

Red Wool Jacket Old Navy (after Christmas clearance) $29.99 Sweater ON (clearance) $8.73, Jeans ON (clearance) $9.99, Shades $14.41 , Neclace H&M $7.95, Ring H&M $3 (clearance), Sam Edelman Booties $143, White shirt (old) Ralph Lauren, Watch Bulova, Coach Bag gift

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Extra Love: Get to your local Target!!

Get to your local Target store ASAP! They are having great sales and clearance finds..

Storage box $4.50
Bounce sheets $2.12

Trident gum 48 cents
Market Pantry cookies (Target brand) $1.68
MP cereal bars $2
MP syrup $1.89
MP sharp deli cheese $2.39
Oscar Mayer cold cuts $2.99
Green Giant frozen Veggies $1

Vitafusion $2.48
UP Vitamin (Target brand) $3.94
$1 off coupon Target site $2.94

UP Vitamin $3.94
75 cent coupon Target site $3.19

Happy Shopping! xoxo MM

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

After Christmas finds..

All items from Home Goods store

2 large green bath towels $4.50 each. Style Happy 
2 brown "M" hand towels $5 set. Avanti    
2 white Calvin Klein wash cloths $2 each. 
2 beige wash clothes $1 each. Style Happy  

Table runner in clearance section
Ridgefield Home $7

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Thanks for visiting!
xoxo MM

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas- Keep it simple.

Christmas is a great time of the year.. for most.. the lights, the food, the shopping, presents, family and most importantly remembering Jesus and what he has done for us, for those who believe.

But Christmas can also be a tough time for those who have lost loved ones, children of divorced parents, divorced adults who don't see their children as much, families that don't speak to one another and for those who are less fortunate..

This Christmas I learned that it's not about expensive gifts, who gets more, the amount of money you spend, how you look, what parties you go to or even the family you choose to spend time with..

It's about remembering to Keep it Simple. Christmas is about Christ. Christmas is a time to remember to love yourself and thank your higher power, your mentor, the person who has helped you along the way.. Thank them. Thank them for giving you what you have and what you don't have. Be grateful for your life. Be grateful for your children, be grateful for your family, be grateful for anything that is healthy and makes you happy.

Keep it simple and this Christmas will be such a joy!

Happy Holidays!