Thursday, December 29, 2011

Extra Love: Get to your local Target!!

Get to your local Target store ASAP! They are having great sales and clearance finds..

Storage box $4.50
Bounce sheets $2.12

Trident gum 48 cents
Market Pantry cookies (Target brand) $1.68
MP cereal bars $2
MP syrup $1.89
MP sharp deli cheese $2.39
Oscar Mayer cold cuts $2.99
Green Giant frozen Veggies $1

Vitafusion $2.48
UP Vitamin (Target brand) $3.94
$1 off coupon Target site $2.94

UP Vitamin $3.94
75 cent coupon Target site $3.19

Happy Shopping! xoxo MM


Girlie Blogger said...

Nice haul. Yes, I love Target. I go there every week. Can't wait to see what's at our Target's clearance isle.

NYorker@heart said...

Thank GB! I love Target, and go there weekly also. Hope you find great things! and bring your coupons ;)